Timepass 2 Marathi Movie Declared – Story, Star Cast, Release Date

So, did you watch “Timepass”or stiill confused whether to watch or not?. If you have already watched this movie, you are lucky to be witness of one of the best Marathi Movie till now. If you haven’t watch, I can only say, “God bless you” and run to catch “Timepass Marathi Movie”. Check  collection of Timepass movie, then you will sense popularity of this movie.  Many people are very much interested to know, whether Ravi Jadhav wants to make “Timepass 2″?

Timepass 2 Marathi Movie will be made, Ravi Jadhav confirms

Well,  Ravi Jadhav said, he is very much interested to make “Timepass 2″. Apart from this, he haven’t prepared anything for Timepass sequel. Marathi movie lovers are happy that, they will get another Ravi Jadhav flavour film.

As director Ravi Jadhav already said, he doesn’t have any script for “Timepass 2″. He will start working on it. He also asked viewers to suggest the story plot for the movie. He doesn’t reveal anything about the movie. You have to wait till the Timepass 2 promo come out.

 Check out director Ravi Jadhav’s tweet:

Timepass 2 Star Cast :

There is no other choice  than  Ketaki Mategaonkar & Prathamesh Parab for Prajakta & Dagdu. Other characters also would be the same as people have loved all of them. Director may present new item girl instead to go with Shibani Dandekar.

Timepass 2 Release Date:

Project is not yet started so we can’t predict what would the release date. We are expecting Timepass 2 may release in January 2015.

2 January 2015 (expected)

Timepass 2 Marathi Movie Story:

Script is not yet ready. Director just get idea to make sequel. He has even asked his fans and movie lovers to suggest the script.  If you have any better idea or script for Timepass 2, we asked you to contact director Ravi Jadhav. We never know, if he likes you script you would be official script writer of “Timepass 2″.

Ravi jadhav also says, he closely following the social media to get real reviews of Timepass Marathi Movie. He wants to know, what is the reaction of movie lovers about Timepass and what they are expecting from Timepass sequel i.e. “Timepass 2″.

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What viewers are expecting from Timepass 2:

Everyone watched Timepass movie, most of them loved it. Some people were expecting to have different ending. Just like any Bollywood movie, i.e. happy ending. But that’s not the thing in “Timepass”.

  • We are expecting same string script for Timepass Sequel i.e. Timepass 2
  • People wants to see Dagdu & Prajakta together so director should think over it.

Hello readers, as director asking you to give you idea for Timepass 2 script or story, send them in comment section. We would like to know what you think about Timepass 2 Marathi Movie.

eagerly waiting for Timepass 2 :)

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Director Ravi Jadhav Contact Details:

We request you to our readers, if you want to get in touch with director Ravi Jadhav check out the follwing links. These are all official details of Ravi Jadhav. Hope it will help you guys.

email id- ravijadhavfilms@gmail.com

official facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/meranamravi

official twitter profile – https://twitter.com/meranamravi

Timepass 2 Story By Rajkumar Pawar: (Marathi Times Reader)

dear ravi sir,
mala mahit nahi ki tumhala maji idea avdanar ki nahi.. pan sir tp madhe tar parents na dagdu n praju che premprakaran mahitach zale.. tyamule ata tp2 madhe dagduwar tyache vadil khup jast chidalele dakhava.. n dagdu la life babat ekdam serious rahnyas sanga.. praju matra dagdu chi apalya life madhe athavan theun ekdam bindas rahnar.. song competion aso ya dance ti ata 1stch rahnar.. praju che wadil chidel ticyavar.. matra ticha bhau ajcya yuvapidichi ji soch ahe, vi4 ahe tyabaddal samjaun sangel.. jenekarun sampurn maharastrala modern jamanyache imp kalnar ok..

ikade dagadu spruha didicya madatine education ghenar and 10 madhe success houn tyach collage madhe jail jya collage madhe ata praju ahe.. and tithe te doghe ekamekana bhetanar.. ithe movie cha intarval ok sir…

intarvalcya nantar dagadu va praju yanche prem dakhavayche.. n dagdu vallabh da la sudha dusarya divashi ticya gf sobat bhetaun denar.. nantar dagdu abyas karun motha honar va praju cya va aplya vadilana samjaun vallabha da che lagn spruha sobat.. va dagdu va praju che lagn ekach mandapat houn janar timepss timepass madhe.. baki sir tumla vinodi scene jase vatate tase theva..

name- rajkumar pawar.
no.- 8888335598.
thank you sir..

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  1. I like to timepass and very fantestic film importent role for dagdu and prajakta i waiting for timepass 2 when you release to film timepass 2

  2. Hatshaketan nalawade

    I think that “timepass” movie was a great entertainment to the society … I thnk that for timepass 2 the story should have an happy ending …. in 2nd part dagdu should should know the importance of education and work towards it… become a successfull man… and then approach to prajakta… her father himself must be proud of him and let them comr together wid a family….

  3. Don’t change ketki’s singer’s role.
    in next part she have to a big singer and prathmesh have to a big officer or as you wish
    and your suggestion is good about not changing actress.
    but Make prathmesh as a big man with a big post in next movie timepass 2
    Thank you

  4. Very good movie making by Ravi sir…thnx ravi sir for making a lavely movie

  5. This is the excelent movie in todays nature Good scene, songs , character nd also story but in making of second part dont change thetitle of movie nd film would be happy ending ,lovely ,possitively best of luck “TIME PASS” movie team…………………

  6. Are Yaar Kasam Se Aisa Lag Raha hai Ki Kab 2014 Khtm. ho jayega
    Gajab Flim Hai Timepass

  7. Thanks Ravi for makings such wonderful movie

    Pls do not change the characters. will love to watch Prathamesh and Ketki together in college. There should be lot of fun with new professor and friends. Should be most challenging role in college. Competition with regards to dance,singing n sports. Happy ending

  8. hi …. Ravi sir timepass khupacha mast story jamli aahe shewat peryant. pan aata part 2 kadhteweles doghanna pan mothe dakhwnar.aani main karun prarhmesh aani ketaki cha asle pahijet tyamule prarhmesh la body wagere banwawi lagel. ketki singer aani prathmesh businesse man kinwa ajun kahi dakhwun pan part two kadhta yeil.

  9. Samadhan Patil, Panvel

    Dear TP Team,

    This movie is awsome, my firends and my entire family expecting will release Time Pass 2 at the earliest.
    Please – Dagdu cha role change karu naka aani Prajakta cha role tech theva pan doghana ek navin look madhe paghayache aahe…….
    Tasech Dagdu che friends Malarayia & dusre tech theva….
    Dialog madhe AAGRI shabd ajun joda mhanje ajun FUN Movie banel…..
    Jay kahi dialog pahije astil tar mala contact kara
    We are very crazy for Part 2…….Kaju Katri aani Praju Patli…..Naya he vah (Shakha)…..Kabhi bayokose pucha hai kya I card…..chal hava aane de……Aabi Baba aani Sai baba chi shapath……..Surmay aani Javla

    Samadhan Patil – 8108358987, Panvel, ULWE NODE

    • avinash sonawane 7507778089

      Everthing is okay . Everyone want same actor and actress okay but plz plz dont change maleriya bhalbharti. Yanche dailogue pan aasila have. Khup khup chaan match hotat.

  10. timepass was awesome…
    in 2nd part dagdu should continue to learn…
    he should be in the city same as prajakta…whatever he does in the city is not important…
    they should meet due to some real life incidence….
    try to adust story line based on some social drama depicting current issues(can be anything)…
    dagdu should be a part of that social drama ..that should affect prajakta’s father..
    show some clash between dagadu and prajakta’s father based on social thinkings..
    then develope a love-story line from this…and end with union of dagadu and prajakta..
    add appropriate comdey,emotional scenes required for the developed story..

  11. harshal surywanshi

    namaskar TP team. dagadu la ata TP2 mhade praju chya prema mule dagadu I.A.S. zalela dakhava ani dagadu chya prema mule praju singer, baki tumi tharva kay kay ghyayche BAST OF LUCK

  12. part 2 kevha hi kadha pan tp peksha hi bhannat story pahije karan aaj ji success tp la ahe tichya peksha jast kivha tevdhi success tar alich pahije tp2 la suddha.jar character change baddal bolal tar tyala jatil 5 -6 varsh ani lokanchya expectation nusar tumhala ani lokana suddha ghai ahe ki tp2 kevha yet ahe .tar majhya mate you take your time sir but dont underestimate the expextations of lovers of your film “TIMEPASS” .
    you want any suggestions from me its my good luck .
    my name sandesh
    9619659072.i m also waiting for TIMEPASS-2


  13. sir mala tp1 khup avadla tumchi idea fantastic hoti tp2 madhe tyana ekatra ana plzzzzz ani tyanche happy ending dakhva

  14. Sir tp2 made actors change karu naka th doge CH dhakva mothe zalele ketki sadi var mothi vatel pan dagdu LA gym joine karun thodishi body banvyala sanga jar tumhi character change kele tar majya point of view me movie thevda success honar nahi karan ha movie tya dogan mule CH move success zala aihe so plz change karu naka dagdu LA success ful man dhakva ani tyala jym joint karun body dhakva jene karun tho motha vatel ani praju chy bhavchi ani tyachi eka jym made bhet dhakva ani mug thicha bhav praju LA sangel dhagdu baddal aanjun khup chan story aihe majya kade………..

  15. Hi Timepass Team,

    Picture behad achi hai,Acha mesg hai movie mai.Parent ka concern bacho k liye acha bataya hai,Kum age mai pyar karna ek risk hai, n sabhi parent ko Intelligent/Smart ladka passand hai.
    Part-2 mai aap Dono ko Educations & Professional life mai improve karte bateye,Dono ko samaj dar batana chaheye,Dagdu ko struggle karke Educations n fir Basic se High profile Job par n Actress ko Khuch salo baad thoda modern n Independent decisions lene wali ladki batana chaheye.
    dono ki mulakat bhi hona chaheye utna hi sacha pyar mann se,par end mai dono sath nai hona chaheye. kyunki Pyar k liye Educations Ya Professionaly sucess hona jaruri nai hai.

  16. thanx Ravi Sir. timepass was awesome…

  17. dear ravi sir and all timepass family…

  18. Dear sir,

    माझी एक विनंती आहे. टाईमपास 2 मध्ये प्राजक्ता आणि दगडू लहान दाखवत असाल तर केतकी आणि प्रथमेश हि जोडी सुपरहिट आहे. पण जर प्राजक्ता आणि दगडू मोठे झालेले दाखवत असाल तर माझ अस मत आहे कि तुम्ही सिद्धार्थ जाधव आणि सोनाली कुलकर्णी हि जोडी चित्रपटासाठी सुपरहिट आहे….

    मी माझ मत सांगितले सर्वस्वी निर्णय तुमचा आहे….


  19. i love this movie tp.
    rather than i am goes in my flash bak.
    ravi sir it is real story, it was just like my love story.
    for tp2 best luck..
    now im happy with my love.


  20. I like timepass very much just wating for timepass 2 but dont change the actors of the film and at the end show prajakta and dagadu together as an happy ending

  21. दगडू आणि प्राजक्ता हिच जोडी छान राहील माझ्या मते कृपया ही जोडी बदलू नका सर ……………

  22. hi… sir mala evdhach sangaycha ahe lagn ha ekach happy ending nahi vatla tar film cha end movment madhe asa dakhva ki doghanch lagn zhala dusre hero heroine gheun pan akha movie madhe te doghach pahije tarach to success hoil dagdu cha saglyanvar impression padel asa kay dakhva. thank u.

  23. TimePass 2

    Madhavrao lele bhatachi chal sodun
    punyala rahayla jatat. tithech
    sthayik hotat. Prajakta tethilach eka
    clgmadhye pravesh ghete. Pan ti
    ajun dagadula visaru shakaleli
    naste. Dagadubarobar ghalavalele
    soneri kshan tichya manat athavan
    banun rahilele asatat. Ti parat
    konachya premacha vichar karu
    shakat nahi. Darmyan Vallabh
    madhavravanchyamarji virudhs
    pruhashi lagn karto . Tyamule
    madhavrao naraj hotat . Te vallabhla
    gharabaher kadhatat. vallabh v
    spruha vegle rahayala lagatat.
    Tyamule prajaktane jar parat kay
    chuk keli tar mi atmhatya karen ashi
    dhamaki madhavrao detat. .3, 4
    varshancha kalavadhi jato. Ek
    handsome, smart mulaga
    prajaktachya clgmadhye entri karto.
    Tyache nav asate rocky. tyaveles
    Rockysamor kahi mule ekamulichi
    ched kadhat astat. Ti mulagi dusari
    koni nasun , prajakta asate. Rocky
    tya mulanchi changlich dhulai karto.
    Prajakta rockiche aabhar manayala
    lagate. Pan rocky ‘its my duty’ as
    mhanun tithun nighun jato. Pudhe
    rocky prajaktala baryach sankatat
    madat karto . Tyamule rocky ani
    prajkta changle mitra bantat. pudhe
    ek divas madhavrao lelyanchya gadi
    samor ek mulgi alyane apghat
    ghadato. Lok madhavravanchich
    chuk mhanun tyana marayala lagtat.
    Pan inveli rocky tithe yeun tyana
    madat karto. rocky Tya mulila
    hospital madhye gheun jato.
    Tyamule madhavaravavarrockyche
    changleCH impretion
    padate. .pudheek divas rocky
    prajaktala prapoj karto. Pan prajakta
    rockyla nakar dete. Ti mhante aapan
    fakt best fndch rahu shakto. Ani
    dagadubaddalrockyla sangate. Mag
    rocky prajaktala ek gift deun tithun
    nighun jayala lagato. Prajakta te gift
    kholun pahate, tar atmadhye tine
    dagadula dilela morpis ani ticha
    photo asato. Te pahun tila khup
    anand hoto. Ti palatach jaun rockyla
    ghatt mithi marate. Ajparyant ka he
    lapavun thevale ase ti rockyla
    vicharate.Tevharocky mhanto mala
    pahayach hote ki mi ajun tuzhya
    manat kitisa shillak ahe. tevha
    prajtka rockyla mhanate ki mazhe
    prem time barobar pass honare
    navhate. Mag rocky prajakta nighun
    gelyanantar je ghadal tetila
    sangayala lagato. Dagadula disalela
    shikshanacha brij to sodat nahi.
    Bharpur studykarun to 10th pass
    hoto. Tasech to bike racing, sayakal
    racing madhye bhag gheto. Anek
    bakshisehi jinkato. Tyamule tyachi
    paristithi sudharte. 12th madhye
    85%marks milvun clg madhye 2nd
    yeto. Ani degreechya shikshanasathi
    punyala alela asato n muddamhun
    prajaktachya clgmadhye. He
    sarvsangat asatana madhavrao tithe
    yetat. Tyani sarva aiklele asate. Te
    rockychi mafi magayala lagatat.Pan
    rocky tumachyamulech mi
    kahitarikarun dakhavu shakalyache
    sangato.Madhavrao rocky n
    prajaktach lagn lavun denyach
    tharavatat . Ani te vallabh ani
    spruhachahi swikar kartat. Asha
    tarhene sarva jan sukhane rahu
    lagatat. ‘the end’

  24. Sir,lokanchi ek mentality aste movie pahnyach ki film end zalyanantr tyach story cha vichar krt astat and manatch kahani banvtat ki yanantr kay zal asel.part 2 madhe ase dakhava ki prajakta study kru shakli n pn dagdu ne 10 pass kel and tyala scolrship(merit) mule tichyach college madhe tyala admision zali.punha bhetle pn doghehi evdhe samjdar dakhavale tumhi ki te alag honyacha vichar kartat pan te vegle hou shakt nahi.punha ekmekansathi man dukhan,punha athvan and punha prem.shakal mahit pdle bhabha madhe aslyane tyachi olkhi tr aselch tyamule tyachi kutniti.tyachya shiknyat adchan shakal mule.shantaram chi appacha ashirvad viklya geli.shakal cha vichar ki ya purn gharache kontehi kam hou dyayche n adchanach nirman karne.tarihi prajakta atahi tyachyasathi ghar sodayla taiyar.muliche vadil shrimant aslyas to shrimanti dakhavtoch dagdu che part time paper chi line takne contineu.pn tyancha premane tyanhi sarvanche man jinkale and doghanche shikshan purn zalyavar lgn karu ashi shakal chi echcha.and yanchya premamule shakal valabh and spruhachehi lgn karnyache nirnay ghetat

  25. sir dagdu aani prajktacha role siddharth&sonali yach doghana sut hovu shakto as maz mat aahe.aani story tumich changli tayar karu shakta he aamala mihit aahe………………

  26. Please keep this couple in second part also…..all the best….Paisa vasul 2nd part asalach pahije

  27. Sir Plzzz Prathamesh & Ketki 2nd Part Madhe Jarur Asle Pahije Tarach Chaan Banel 2nd Part

  28. Sir,jar 15 varsha nantar timepass2 chi story asel tr 1st story cha visar public la vhayala hava.nahitar child age ch thik ahe timepass 2 sathi.and public chi hich ichcha ahe ki hech couple timepass 2 madhe asayla have.

  29. sir Ketki ani Prathmesh chi jodi tp2 madhun kadu naka, hich jodi tp2 la pan supper dupper hit karu shakel ashi amha sarva mitranchi khatri aahe.amhala tyanchi pudhil stori pahnyachi khup ichha ahe…….HAPPY ENDING……………………………..

  30. Ketki is very good act in marthi film so plz do not change…..

  31. Ravi sir
    Tp madhla ek hi character change karu naka
    Story 5varsh pudhe dhakla
    Tp2 madhe asa dakhava ki,
    Dagdu cha t.y.b. com. Cha result asto ani pass hoto aani tyachya mitransobat (balbharti,maleriya,kombda)job shodhayla lagto.
    Dusrikade prajakta apla shikshan purn karun playback singing sathi try kartey.tichi family mumbait settle zaleli dakhwa. Ti dagdu LA visali nahiye.tyane dilela saibaba cha locket tichya kade ajun aahe ani dagdu kade moracha pis aahe. Vallabh ani spruha palun lagna kartat mhanun mulgi pan tech karel ya bhiti ne Praju var tichya gharchyanchi nazar aste Shakal nehmi tichyavar nazar theun asto.
    Ikde Dagdu chya appanni apli rksha chalaun ani dagadu ne shikshana sobat part time job karun 5varshat paise jama karun manda che lagna tharavle aahe lagnachi tayari suru astana Ekda achanak maleriya,balbharti,kombda khabar gheun yetat ki prajakta cha patta sapadla pan dagdu khush na hota dukhi hoto kaaran to praju la visarla nahiye pan tyane saibaba chi shapath ghetli hoti ki to punha tichya aayushyat nahi yenar mhanun to tila shodhanyach prayatn karat nahi ani mitranna samjavto

    Ikde mandachya lagnachya tayari darmyan dagdu la prajakta eka dukanat diste tichya sobat tiche aai vadil astat. Tila pahilyavar tyala sarv junya goshti athavtat ani mag to decide karto ki mi maza prem parat milavnar
    Prjakta Mumbai madhe rahat aste
    Story madhe twist asa taka ki manda mhanjech dagdu chya bahini chi sasarwadi prajakta jithe rhte tyach area madhe ahe
    Mag prajakta LA mahit padta ki dagdu chi bahin tichya area madhe rahayla aliye doghanchi maitri hote manda prajakta chya ghari pan jate pan tla koni olkhat nahi kaaran shakal ne tila pahilela nasta
    Tichya madatine dagdu ani prajakta bhetayla lagtat.
    Bas mala pudhe aankhi kahi suchat nahiye

    Mi parat sangtoy ki pls cast change Kari naka

    Prathamesh LA jym mad he jaun body banvayla sanga ani ketki LA thoda heavy diet suru karayla sanga pan pls cast change karu NAIA
    Story aavadli asel tar mala nakki Santa
    Mag mi vichar karun pudhchi story banavto
    Pls reply kara
    Maza email id Ashe bhalekar.rakesh@gmail. com

  32. Majhya mate tumhe konala he pan change karu nako…..,,doghe khup chan ahet……fakta ek ahe ki dagdu ekdum reach jhala pahje means seata shakall yell tyachya kade…..

  33. I think that “timepass” movie was a great entertainment to the society … I thnk that for timepass 2 the story should have an happy ending …. in 2nd part dagdu should should know the importance of education and work towards it… become a successfull man… and then approach to prajakta… her father himself must be proud of him and let them comr together wid a family….

  34. gud mala tujhi story avadli pan todi changes hayala pahije

  35. mast movie , lekin jaldi sey timepass 2 bhi likalo abhi aur wet nahi hota

  36. I Have gone through all reviews. Bit Emotional…….. & every one is very excited too for TP2. So let this excitement remain in every one’s mind till the date of promo release. Am sure every one wants to see original “Dagdu” & “PRAJU” instead of new star cast. Now its a challenge for Director how to hold every one’s excitement by retaining original star cast, by giving super story & off course Happy Ending this time…… And this story should also resembles to every one’s real life like part 1 ( Like Says: Pratyekachya Life Madhe Ek Tari Timepass Astoch…)

  37. Nikhil Tukaram Kumbhar

    hi sir me nikhil…. mala kahi chance melel ka…….time pass 2 madhe……..plz….

  38. dagdu aani prajaktay aana timepass part2 sathi kup kup manapasun subhycha
    part 2 madhy doghanach ghay hi namr vinanti ravi sarana all the bast for times2
    love u and …………………….

  39. Me prashant mala timepass movie khup jam aavdala
    timepass 2 chi story majya javal tayar ahe aaplyala kadhi sangu shakato ravi sir mala tumhi tumcha personal mail id dya me tumala ti story forward karto ani tulama maji story khup aavadel me tumya mail chi vat bagat ahe

  40. Nice thanku ravi sir pan time pass.2 madhe prajakta & dagdu theva. Dusre konich nako

  41. Ravi sir mazya mate time pass cha sequel nasu shakto Karan pratekache 1pahile prem purn nasate te satya aahe he pratekane samjle pahije.
    Jar time pass 2 aala tar to pratekachya drushtikona tun vegla asel aani ji time pass chi story pratekala havi havi shi vatnari story vegli hoil

  42. I think Ravi sir you don’t think about time pass 2. you think about youth next story like Balak Palak & time pass it’s better to see every one. It’s all our story’s common about all generation & it’s happen.
    Thank you for give our past to enjoy………


  44. i really really love you prathamesh parab

  45. We all wait you dagadu n praju……:) in timepass 2 :)

  46. very nice nd awsome movie timepass
    i like this

  47. Devidas Jangale

    timepass 2 madhye konihi change karu naka

  48. in the 2nd part we like to see ketaki & Prathmesh

  49. story as good as other love stories but endin g is not so happiness please
    make it as well and be happy se 3idiot